From 02/24/2017 to 03/25/2017


04:38 AM Half-LifeX Bug #16: Controller tweaks needed
Item 1: Unable to move on ladders with thumb stick = FIXED
Nick Martin


11:14 AM Half-LifeX Bug #16 (New): Controller tweaks needed
Unable to move up ladders with the left thumb stick that’s used for normal movement. Currently have a button mapped t... Nick Martin
11:02 AM Half-LifeX Bug #15 (New): Load/save game functionality not working
The load/save system is currently not working properly, the game will become static when loading a game. The issue is... Nick Martin
10:25 AM Half-LifeX Bug #11 (New): Ram usage exceeds 64mb (non-issue for 128mb XBox owners)
The ram usage is over 64mb most levels, this will not be an issue for 128mb upgraded XBox owners. I will be researchi... Nick Martin


10:31 PM Half-LifeX Bug #7 (New): Animated lightmaps not working
The lightmaps for animated lights are not working correctly, the pixels appear to be mashed up, and the texture coord... Nick Martin

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